Toowoomba Queensland Australia

In my latest series, Treasured, I am recording objects that have been in the family care, in some cases for over 150 years. The objects have a connection to a story and a person. Apart from painting and drawing, I am producing four books which not only trace several families’ history but also many objects that reflect a cultural history. Four books in parallel because I have been photographing & drawing objects within my mother’s home for years while trying to get the story behind the objects. For many objects their history has been forgotten but it is still a clue to someone’s life. Often research or close inspection of an object can reveal unknown stories, often a time and place. The objects then lose their inanimate nature and motivate representation, drawing or painting.

For years I have painted the Darling Downs landscape, its changing  patterns and colours of the different seasons. Expressive watecolour or oil paintings interpret the energy, patterns and colours created by sunlight through the day and atmosphere. 

Over recent years, the suburban sprawl is creating an evolution of the local landscape. Activity and confusion as seemingly random suburban growth proceeds.  Farmlands turn into suburbs; areas of concentration of buildings, roads, increased traffic and thousands of roofs glistening in the sun. Power poles and power lines strung across the countryside.

Developing the series Silk 2000-2002 was form of relaxation & pain diversion. The diversity of styles within the series, reflect the varied emotions  experienced. Pain  is normally a way our body protects us from further injury, except when it becomes the disease itself; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Curriculum Vitae

1978 Diploma of Arts, (Visual Communication). Qld College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane.

Worked full time in various aspects of graphic design in Melbourne, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Alice Springs & Toowoomba. Returned to graphic art to learn and maintain the skill with computers. Volunteering my time to Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society Inc. to design, produce and illustrate the productions of their history books.

I have exhibited in many competitive exhibitions and group Exhibitions around Australia. Acquired at Suncorp Art Awards, 1987 for the Suncorp Art Collection and Acquired at Stanthorpe Art Festival, 1990 for the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery. “Autumn Palette”

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Toowoomba Australia