“Silk” was first exhibited in 2002 at the Toowoomba Regional Gallery then accept by Queensland Arts Council Touring exhibition, 2006-2007. Moranbah, Julie Creek, Yeppon, Cloncurry, Bowen, Mungindi, Texas, Gympie, Biloela, Tully.

Pain is normally a way our body protects us from further injury, except when it becomes the disease itself. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Developing this series”silk” was form of relaxation pain diversion. The diversity of styles within the series, reflect the varied emotions experienced.

Within constraints
Cocoon Imprisonment

Above ex-computer cartridge ink drawing – 94cm x 64cm (2002)
To emphasise the outward frustration and anger I took the ink out of the computer printer and used it manually. Aggressive ink drawings releasing and expressing the anger and frustrations.

The second part of the work Within constraints – protection or restiction explores the internal feelings of pain. 295cm x 180cm computer generated images internalize the pain. With the imagery from X-rays representing the body and the barbwire the constraints of pain running through the body and soul, fencing you in.

Exhausted and down, becames a time to rebuild the inner strength through mediation and postive actions. 
Detail pencil drawings were a form of meditation and the artwork postive action.

Vulnerability:- enduring uncertainty, fragile and vulnerable hiding within. Masking emotions, spinning cocoons; these works were a combination of collage on digital images.

Closely Spun digital images – 100cm x120cm (2001) handwriting, threads of friendship, word cocoons of love: digital images created from letters and objects associated with family and friends.


Toowoomba Australia