In my latest series, Treasured, I am recording objects that have been in the family care, in some cases for over 150 years. The objects have a connection to a family story and a person. Apart from painting and drawing, I am producing four books which not only trace several families’ history but also many objects that reflect a cultural history. Four books in parallel because I have been photographing & drawing objects within my mother’s home for years while trying to get the story behind the objects. For many objects their history has been forgotten or lost but it is still a clue to someone’s life. Often research or close inspection of an object can reveal unknown stories, often a time and place. The objects then lose their inanimate nature and motivate representation, drawing or painting.

Artwork in progress.

This black dress was worn in 1950, the middle image is the dress today; on the right is an ink drawing of the dress.

Toowoomba Australia