Expressive watecolour or oil paintings interpret the energy, patterns and colours created by the sunlight and atmosphere.

6pm Balonne River Gallery, Surat. June 2002 Dalby Regional Gallery. April 2001; Doggett Street Studio, Brisbane. August 2000

The 6 pm watercolour series started with the idea of looking at the landscape over a one year period, encapsulating the changing environment that is created through the seasons. Daily studies at 6pm followed the sun as it moved across the horizon.

A Landscape of Drought Bauhaus Art Gallery, Brisbane 1995; Dalby Regional Gallery May 2001

Landscape of Drought was based from observations made during the drought of the early 1990’s just outside Toowoomba. Expressive watecolour treatment was used to interpret the energy, patterns and colours created by sunlight through the atmosphere. Sunlight was bullied by heat, dust and smoke into obscuring, burring and distorting the landscape; demonstrating the energy of drought.
Summer Sunset 256cm x 89cm Oil on canvas 2010
The landscape under Pressure 256cm x 189cm Oil on canvas 2015

Toowoomba Australia